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About Us:
We are a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. Every donation is tax deductible.Goldsboro West Side Historical  Association, Inc. Is about preserving the heritage of the Goldsboro community. When Goldsboro lost it's charter the city  lost it's independence along with it's history. We are not supported by donation only.  
        Board Member's
 Founder/Executive Director
Mrs. Francis Coleman Oliver
Executive Director  Assistant 
William Taylor
Chief Financial Officer & Project Manager
Pasha Baker
Charter Members
Pastor Lowman Oliver III 
Algerine Miller
Sylvester Franklin
                                                               William Taylor                                                                                                                                      Annie O'neil                                                                         Events Chairperson
Dr.Rosalie Cook  Advisory
 Martha H. Doctor
Marva Hawkins
Catherine Alexander
Betty Crumity
Ollive Williams
Johnnie Wright
 Valarie Boykins
Thelma Mike
 Manager:  William Taylor
Consultant: Dr. Velma Williams 
 Entertainment Chairperson
Faye Henderson

Goldsboro Museum Photographer /Journalist
Cindy Philemon
William Taylor 
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